2016 Building a mortgage machine for brokers…

Undoubtedly 2016 has been a fantastic year and we should consider ourselves fortunate that the mortgage market has remained strong despite everything that has been going on around us. However, with all the technological changes, our business and our mortgage brokers can’t stand still.

At Finance Planning we have focused our investment on adding value to our brokers to help them build and grow their businesses. After successful trials in 2016, we will be rolling out our new broker proposition early next year. This includes; an expanded protection panel to increase consumer choice, exciting new lenders, personal broker websites, bespoke marketing materials, central lead generation and sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM).

Outcomes have been really positive as we have been able to have a direct impact on our individual brokers’ businesses and income. Whether you are a thriving appointed representative (AR) or an individual looking for the next deal, we wanted to make sure that Finance Planning is able to positively influence your business. By way of example, the production of a website for an established AR gave them a visible web presence, from which they were able to recruit and generate leads. In addition, advisers have already benefited from leads generated by our new group website.

The adoption of intelligent CRM will help to maintain the loyalty of our clients and in turn benefit our brokers. We want to ensure that the originating broker benefits from maintaining contact effectively with their clients. In an ever-changing world where technology can work for and against us, it is vital that we stay in touch with our clients if we are to call them ‘ours’ and continue to do business with them.

Are you a mortgage broker who is looking for a new level of support in 2017, if so, we’d love to hear from you.

Terry McCutcheon, CEO, Finance Planning Group

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