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Thank goodness I spoke to a mortgage broker – we’re £6,000 better off

Mortgages are difficult to compare and hard to get. Speaking to a mortgage broker can be the secret to finding the perfect deal – this family saved thousands of pounds.

In the internet age, it may seem old-fashioned to go to a mortgage broker – not to mention paying them a fee as well.

But when it comes to one of the most complex financial decisions you’ll make, the advice of a professional can save you a lot of money in the long run.


“Thanks goodness I chatted to my mortgage broker, Richard Lucy from the Finance Planning Group, and took his advice,” says Salih Kuzubasoglu who is £6,000 better off after getting help to find a new deal in December.“I was on a two-year deal at 5.69% which was coming to an end and my building society offered me a three-year mortgage at 3.99% .“It sounded like a good deal to me,” says Salih, 35, who works in the investment industry.

Salih, who lives in a three-bedroom home in Brighton, was tempted to take it up as he was a bit worried about going through the process of remortgaging under the new lending rules, which he thought it would be intrusive and complex.

“But I took my mortgage brokers’s advice to see if he could find anything to beat that offer. He found me a five-year fixed rate deal with Nationwide at 3.04%. Despite the £999 fee, the repayments are £100 a month cheaper. So I’ll be £1,200 a year better off.

“My wife Maria and I had to get a few bits together to confirm our financial situation, but it really wasn’t the chore I thought it would be. And my broker helped us through the process which made it pretty painless.

“We like the idea of knowing what our repayments will be for a longer term. We could have been vulnerable to higher interest rates at the end of a three year deal.

“With our mortgage broker you don’t need to pay for advice as they get set fees from lenders. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

The content of this blog is admins personal opinion and comment. It’s not intended to be advice or a recommendation in any circumstances.


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