A tale of two halves

For six letters, the word change masks a massive subject; Much too big to bore you with just hours before a sunny Easter weekend (Finance Planning takes no responsibility if my optimism in British weather condemns us to four days of rain). Accepting that not all changes are for the best (reality TV). Something happened yesterday in … Read more

The Importance of Mortgage Protection

Mortgage and protection advisers should not really need further incentives from the lenders to encourage mortgage borrowers to take out protection. Likewise, I would question how appropriate it is for lenders to be offering better deals or more favourable rates to borrowers who are fully protected and were able to repay their mortgages in the event … Read more

When to speak to someone

This week has been rather interesting for me as we have gone from been happy in our house to deciding to move. I could stop there but we actually took the spontaneous plunge of getting valuations and subsequently put our house on the market. What’s the big deal I hear you cry? And in truth, there … Read more

Rate drop continues…

Average rates across all fixed mortgage terms have fallen since the start of the year. According to research from data provider, Moneyfacts.co.uk the average two-year fixed rate has reduced the most, falling by 0.24% since January this year to 2.52%. Five-year fixed rates have dropped from 3.29% in January, to the current 3.10% and the … Read more

Who’s afraid of the big bad rate rise?

Interest rate rise on the cards! Terrible news for homeowners! A whole generation of mortgage borrowers who have never seen a rate rise are in for a shock. When they can’t afford it, spending will be slashed. The slowdown will get worse. The economy will tank! That, at least, is the scary story. And here’s … Read more