Team FPG at the Tough Mudder

Simply couldn’t start the week without mentioning a group of people who have been training hard in preparation for yesterday’s Tough Mudder 10 miler. For those of you unaware, a Tough Mudder is a 12 mile cross country run interspersed with 20 different obstacles.  These obstacles include having to swim through an ice lake, climb a near vertical slippery slope … Read more

The Importance of Mortgage Protection

Mortgage and protection advisers should not really need further incentives from the lenders to encourage mortgage borrowers to take out protection. Likewise, I would question how appropriate it is for lenders to be offering better deals or more favourable rates to borrowers who are fully protected and were able to repay their mortgages in the event … Read more

When to speak to someone

This week has been rather interesting for me as we have gone from been happy in our house to deciding to move. I could stop there but we actually took the spontaneous plunge of getting valuations and subsequently put our house on the market. What’s the big deal I hear you cry? And in truth, there … Read more

Sussex firm partners with Legal & General and Shelter to battle bad housing and help the homeless

Sussex based Finance Planning Group has joined forces with Legal & General Mortgage Club to bring its brokers an original way of donating money to housing and homelessness charity Shelter. The scheme, known as “Brokering Change”, allows brokers to support the charity by donating a suggested £1 of the procuration fee they receive for each … Read more

The real importance of Protection

Since 2009, the Finance Planning Group has had a total of £8,876,221 paid to our clients and their families in 151 claims through our Life and Critical Illness Protection recommendations. We are very proud of this impressive number of successful claims, particularly as these average out to £58,783 per pay out. These claims statistics mean … Read more